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One of the biggest and emotional purchase you will make is a home. This is where you will make memories, start a family, celebrate events, and invest in your future. Whether you are downsizing or upsizing, buying your dream home or selling an existing home, here are just some of the important questions you and your family should ask yourselves.  

Can preparing to sell your home feel stressful? Is finding the right dream home challenging and daunting? It sure can be. Do you ask yourself, "Are we selling for the right price? Should we fix up, stage, or update our home before putting it on the market? What does moving look like after we sell? What are the best financing options? Does the home fit our lifestyle? Do you feel the school district provides the level of education your children deserve?" 

As you are answering these very important questions, the process of buying or selling a home should also be fun, exciting and rewarding, considering it starts a new chapter for families, friends, and many loved ones. Your Realtor should possess the following qualities: Experience, Focus, Dedication, Knowledge, Patience, Listening, Caring, and Sincerity.

  • I don't just want to list a home. I want to love and cherish the home you list as if it were my own. I want to tell a story about your home making buyers fall in love and cherish the home as you did. I'll work hard and diligently around the clock to help you find your dream home.

  • I take my time to walk through your home taking notes and picking out the best qualities and features of your home. I'll recommend ways to stage the home in a way that shows the best flow.

  • My professional photographer graduated in videography. He uses the top equipment, makes sure to capture the best angles, bringing out the best light. He uses video and flies a drone for aerial shots.

  • I make sure the photos of your home are shown in a sequence that represents a purpose. The remarks about your home are very carefully and thoughtfully expressed, and run parallel with the photos.

  • The goal is to create a tremendous amount of buzz using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, and sending Email blasts to my buyer clients and my sphere of influence. 

  • I can help you declutter, organize and more - simply going above and beyond to make sure the process is as seamless as possible. 


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